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Power and Composite Technologies LLC (PCT) designs, manufactures and sells highly engineered, fiberglass and carbon fiber-reinforced composites at facilities in the USA, China and Hungary.

Composite Expertise – PCT has an industry-leading reputation as a high-quality, low-cost producer of custom composite structures. Especially electrical insulators and items used in cryogenic or radio-translucent applications. PCT's composite components are primarily composed of fiberglass, polyester or carbon fiber reinforcements infused with polyester, epoxy, phenolic or vinyl ester resin systems.

PCT Employs a Variety of Manufacturing Techniques -

  • High viscosity vacuum infusion
  • Filament winding
  • Low-pressure compression molding
  • Convolute wrapping
  • Custom machining
  • Autoclave molding
  • Press molding
  • Wet lay-up