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About Us

PCT has been making power generation products since 1994 along side our dedicated staff of engineers and is excited to help you with your unique project.

Our Expertise

Power generation products have been the specialty of Power and Composite Technologies for many years. We have extensive experience manufacturing slot armor, slit mica tape, retaining rings, collector assemblies, cap baffles, rotor wedges, end winding support systems, and much more. We also can provide generator repair kits and complete rebuilds or overhauls of brush rigging assemblies. 


Our power generation products have and continue to be one of the core elements of our business. We understand the physical properties required of every component installed in today's power generators. Our design and engineering teams are also adept at coming up with new solutions as power generation technology advances.


Though PCT has experienced tremendous success and gained worldwide recognition in the power generation industry, we know we are only as good as our latest results. To keep up the high standards we have set, we have comprehensive composite testing and quality control facilities on site. No product will ever leave our doors without satisfying a rigorous set of quality control guidelines. We are the experts when it comes to power generation products.

Mission Statement 

To provide our customers with exceptional value and quality through the design, and manufacture of specialty composite structures and electrical equipment for power related industries. Committed to maintaining a fair, ethical and rewarding business environment, we strive towards the highest level of customer satisfaction and corporate success.


Based in Amsterdam, New York PCT was founded by Larry Jordan and Jerry Meehan. At the time, PCT was known as Advanced Generator Technologies and primarily focused on one customer - General Electric's power systems. They quickly positioned themselves as the best-in-class supplier of large (i.e., 10MW - 1300MW), composite power generator products.

Our Team

Our sales and engineering, with years of experience with custom composites and power generation equipment, can design a PCT-made solution to meet your specifications.


PCT operates in the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, France and Russia. We supply a diverse line of custom composites and power generation products to many of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers.

To find out more about our operations abroad contact us or visit the corresponding international sites.