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Resin Infusion

PCT is an industry-wide leader in the field of custom resin matrices design and production. Our engineering team is constantly helping clients find just the right resin-fiber combination for their intended applications. After the design is complete, we use sophisticated resin infusion processes to ensure the highest quality components possible.

PCT's vacuum resin infusion process ensures the highest fiber content and most complete suspension possible for the highest quality product in terms of strength and consistency. Resin infused products typically show better strength and stiffness characteristics than products produced in open mold processes. They also typically have better finishes and require less machining than products produced with other forming methods.

The resin infusion process must be tightly controlled and closely monitored to ensure that the resin completely penetrates the fibers, and that there are no air pockets or component distortions. PCT's process is infinitely reproducible, and offers a quick turnaround time, so large runs can be handled efficiently. The vacuum infusion process also ensures that there is no off-gassing during production.

Resin infusion is only one of the forming methods PCT has perfected. We also provide compression molding, filament winding, convoluted winding, long fiber thermoplastic molding, open molding, laminate molding, and hand lay-up composite forming. Our facilities are also equipped with state-of-the-art machining capabilities, curing ovens, paint booths, and extensive quality control systems. At PCT, quality control is our number one priority, from the initial design phase through every step to component finishing.

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