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Carbon Fiber Tubes are part of PCT's core business. We have spent years developing winding patterns and resin formulations to produce the finest carbon fiber tubes in the industry. We are so well known for this, in fact, that engineers from projects around the globe specifically request PCT filament wound tubes. Our carbon fiber tubes are in use in the most demanding applications.

Designing and manufacturing carbon fiber tubes is an extremely precise business. The chemical composition of the fibers, their precise placement during winding, the pattern of the winding, and many other factors play crucial roles in the final characteristics of the tube. PCT's immense experience with fiber chemistry and winding patterns, combined with state-of-the-art computerized control of the winding process, is what places our products in such high demand.

Over the years, PCT has been involved in the design and engineering of countless custom composite products. In addition to carbon fiber tubes, we have made everything from skateboards, golf clubs, and boat masts, to automotive suspensions, high voltage insulators, and water treatment components. Whatever the application, we apply the same strict quality control standards to every project that we do.

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