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Composite Structures

Composite structures made by PCT are used in a wide range of industrial applications and are the core of PCT’s business. Since 1994, PCT has been in the business of creating composite structures using materials such as epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters with a number of reinforcing fibers. The result is a unique custom composite structure tailored to your specifications. By using various composite materials such as S glass and E glass, PCT carefully determines the exact mechanical, thermal and electrical properties required for each individual custom composite structure they produce. These capabilities can be applied to many industries, which include power generation, medical, military and aviation. (Ask us about our consumer applications!)


With our decades of combined engineering experience regarding composite materials, PCT’s composite structures can meet a myriad of specification criteria with outstanding physical and performance characteristics, including:


Contact PCT today to speak with a member of our experienced engineering staff regarding your composite structure. We’re waiting to hear from you!