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Composite Resin Matrices

PCT is the acknowledged expert in polymer engineering. We design custom resin systems that meet (and often exceed) the specifications of our customers. Our Composite Resin Matrices, such as epoxy resins, polyester-vinyl ester and polymide materials, are sophisticated, advanced materials. Our custom-engineered resin-matrix materials, such as fiberglass resin, acrylic resin, carbon fiber resin, thermoplastic resin, phenolic resin and the ability of resin transfer molding, give our components their shape, protect reinforcing fibers and provide a medium through which loads transfer from one fiber to another.

Composite resin matrices

Selecting the right resin system depends mainly on the environment where the composite structure will be subjected.

Contact a PCT sales engineer and design engineering associate to help select the best matrix/resin for your application. We love a good challenge!