PCT and the Oil & Gas Industry

Power and Composite Technologies (PCT) has been a composite material provider for the oil and gas industry since 2012, covering a range of products in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream markets. Our engineering and applications staff is experienced in providing customers with materials designed to meet their operational specification requirements. PCT offers a wide range of product mix for your supply chain needs, from raw material, machined parts or full turn keyed finished product. Whether high temperature / high pressure, drill out performance or hydrocarbon transportation, PCT can design and produce a platform “fit-for-purpose”.

Custom Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

High Quality Engineered Components

Oil & Gas product line includes:

  • PDC & conventional bit compatible Frac/Bridget plugs
  • Wireline and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) isolation
  • Battery and electrical isolation housings
  • Sleeves – simple and load bearing
  • Antenna subs
  • Standoffs
  • Free Fall Cone
  • Wiper Darts
  • Pump Down Plugs
  • Gap/Insulating Subs
  • Float/Reamer Shoe Noses
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP)
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Why PCT?

Engineered Systems Capable of Withstanding Extreme Environmental Conditions

pct oil and gas products
  • PCT’s solutions are higher strength, lower cost alternatives to incumbent products.
  • Leading shear-strength, high temperature and high pressure capabilities:
    • Engineered resin systems are built to withstand the extreme environmental and physical stresses of fracking
    • Composite fabrication capabilities accommodate both high-volume production runs and highly engineered customized components.
  • Highly experienced engineers work directly with customers to develop customized oilfield tooling and component solutions.

Contact PCT's Oil & Gas Sales Representative

Skip Clark

Business Development Manager - Oil & Gas

A thirty year oil and gas professional Skip Clark began his career as a field engineer, performing wireline, logging-while-drilling and direction drilling services. After nine years in the field he embarked on a sales and business development career for Halliburton and Weatherford. During this time he took on larger roles, from city sales, Global Business Development Manager to Global Account Manager. Skip joined PCT in 2013 as Director of Sales for Oil and Gas.

Skip holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Sam Houston State University and an MBA from the University of New Orleans.