PCT and Rail Transportation

PCT is your supplier for composite rail components. Including fiberglass interiors, HVAC ducting, lavatory composite panels, seats and end cap assemblies. PCT provides full service transportation manufacturing of your composite parts. Providing composite manufacture, machining, qualified bonding, assembly and gelcoat or painted finishes. PCT’s composite systems are designed to meet the most demanding fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release requirements in the industry. We take a customer minded approach working with you to meet your needs during qualification all the way to the final part shipped.

Custom Products for the Railway Industry

High Quality Engineered Components

PCT’s product line for the Rail industry includes:

  • High pressure Laminates
  • Specialty Laminates
  • Complex Panel Shapes
  • Honeycomb Panels
  • Plymetal
  • Insulated Electrical Tracking
  • Fire Suppression Boxes
  • HVAC Duct Assemblies
  • Partition Assemblies (flat and curved)
  • Cab Door and Locker Door Assemblies
  • Energy Storage Cavities
  • Advanced Composite Side Wall Panels
  • Frame Steps

Why PCT?

Strong, Lightweight, Fire Resistant Components

  • PCT’s proprietary solutions allow for high structural integrity with superior strength-to- weight ratios and fire resistant properties
  • Large and diverse product range, production capabilities and processes make PCT a “one stop solution”
  • Offers full and flexible machining capabilities and unique turnkey solutions, along with a scalable capacity
  • Leverages engineering and application resources to create highly-engineered solutions designed for customer-specific applications
  • Product consistency across offerings, leading to high customer satisfaction
  • Aftermarket repair and services