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Medical Products

Composite components engineered for imaging and surgical table systems

Accelerate ROI with Power and Composite Technology composite structures when patient safety, cost and engineering performance standards compel the specification of non-conductive, non-magnetic, radiolucent components in surgical table and medical imaging systems.

Composite structures and components are:

PCT Engineering

PCT engineers leverage our clients' insights into patient care with their years of experience and technical knowledge to design and build composite structures that meet and exceed the strength and performance requirements of the medical environment.

Working with our clients, PCT polymer, mechanical and electrical engineers develop technical specifications, design and test prototypes, and then manufacture composite-based components that meet or exceed our clients' technical and cost specifications.

Our Medical Products line includes:

X-ray Components



Ionization chamber

X-ray components 

MRI Components

Carbon Fiber Components



PCT Fabrication

PCT composite fabrication capabilities accommodate both high-volume production runs and highly engineered, customized components. Our composite manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

PCT has decades of experience working with a variety of composite materials, including epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters and a variety of composite reinforcement fibers such as S glass and E glass, composite resin matrices, fiberglass, filament wound products and Kevlar.

Carbon Fiber

Radiolucent carbon fiber composites are deployed in a variety of imaging technologies:

Because of their exceptional physical properties — strength, stiffness, and fatigue and clinical-chemical resistance — carbon fiber composites enjoy increasing use in surgical and diagnostic environments. Combining its physical properties with a carbon fiber composite' s ability to be manufactured to close dimensional tolerances extends the design freedom of OEM engineers in considering positioning stability and platform versatility.

Carbon fiber composite structures

PCT Quality Assurance

PCT facilities and procedures are ISO-9000 certified and operate under a comprehensive quality assurance program. PCT is currently pursuing program in which we will obtain API Q1 certification by Q3 2014. Every phase of design and production is subject to continuous inspection, monitoring and testing. PCT also has relationships with independent U.S. test facilities to address customer requirements for independent certification and testing.

PCT Customer Support

PCT responds to its clients around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from its design and manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Hungary.