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Mica Tape Kits

Mica Tape Kits (PDF Product Sheet) from PCT are of the highest quality. They come from an engineering team that has collectively more than 200 years of experience in the field of power generation products.

Our line of mica insulation includes Semi-Series Loop, Conforming, and Re-Roll Kits. PCT has a wide variety of mica tape kits available, in stock, which means we will deliver to you a high-quality product quickly and dependably. We provide for customer needs in any length or width.

Our company’s mica tape kits are OEM certified. We will provide you with a complete tape kit within five days, in any width or length. We also keep “B” stage and dry mica product materials in stock. And, of course, we have no minimum orders for mica tape kits.

PCT’s mica tape kits are recognized industry-wide for their engineering excellence. Power generator OEM manufacturers across the globe use PCT products. Everyone on our staff has an extensive background in power generator components. Our power generation components have delivered proven performance. Contact us today with specs, applications, or questions.

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