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Filament Wound Tubes and More

PACTomite® (PDF Product Sheet) is PCT’s proprietary composite material, used for structures requiring immunity to extreme environmental or physical stress. Our engineering capabilities are recognized industry-wide as the first choice for OEM engineers. They find our filament wound products innovative and cutting-edge. We apply our expertise to precisely fashioning PACTomite® into a limitless number of filament-based products.

PCT offers a wide portfolio of PACTomite® filament wound products, including a variety of advanced material-reinforcement goods; high-volume, commercial, and industrial fiberglass tubing products; and turnkey solutions that involve high-precision machining and other secondary processing.

Our company’s PACTomite® filament wound products are appreciated across the power generation industry for their engineered excellence. We employ the very latest computer-based design and analytical tools in order to develop products and components that meet our customers’ exacting specifications. PACTomite® has Class F and Class H temperature rating (180 °C). With over 200 years of combined knowledge and extensive backgrounds in virtually all reinforcement materials used in the industry today, our staff is more than capable of meeting the steepest design challenges. We apply our expertise to work with any material you require: E-Glass, S-Glass and more. PCT also has polymer expertise with custom resins systems, including epoxy and polyester systems.

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