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Power Generator Repair Kits

Power Generator Repair Kits from PCT increase the lifecycle of your industrial power generators, saving you money and resources. We specialize in the design, servicing, and repair of power generation systems, parts, and equipment. Our company will produce custom generator repair kits for you based on your specific needs and specifications. We can also completely overhaul or rebuild new, aging, or nearly obsolete brush rigging assemblies. We can even reverse engineer any part you need, even if you don’t have the specs.

Our history in the power generation sector means that we have the experience to expertly manufacture any power generation component to within the strictest of tolerances--for the most demanding of clients. We have experience designing and manufacturing end winding support systems, composite rings, collector assemblies, baffles, slot armor, and much more. After all, power generation technologies are a core part of our business.

Generator repair is a constant battle, and difficulty finding parts suppliers can be an extraordinary hassle. PCT can produce any part for you, and if by some chance we cannot, we have sources around the globe that can. Whether you need custom generator repair kits or any of the other multitude of components we manufacture, PCT should be your first option. 

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